Gluttony in SF-

Last weekend’s foray into San Francisco highlighted two bars and one restaurant.

First up, tapas at Coqueta. The grilled octopus was yummy. So was everything else. Washed down with white sangria.

Next, to Epic Roasthouse because Waterbar was packed. Half bottle of premiere cru Chablis.

Then to TBD for dinner and beverage pairing.

Frankly, I could have stayed at Coqueta and continued to eat everything on their menu.

Alas, reality calls.

Granville Island Market, Vancouver-

All those old photos, all that hamstrung processing with one hand tied behind my back. But reprocessed with some capable software and viola.


So, now, I have to go back and reprocess all my work; because now I can do it the way I wanted to do it originally but couldn’t.

Not that I have the time to do that.

Oh bother.

Now you, yes you, can order your very own framed prints of my work. Help a starving artist.

I just started uploading; if you have a favorite you want, just let me know an ill move it up my queue.

Point Bonita Lighthouse-

The thing about Point Bonita Lighthouse is that you can only get to it between 12:30 and 3:30, making any sort of golden hour, let alone, blue hour, photos impossible. So I’m left with images that I feel require a lot of work, particularly given the conditions—overcast and super windy—when both spare batteries were dead.

All I can think of after three hours of playing around in Zoner 15 is “franken-photo.” What I did to these images was not natural.

But it’s all I can do with limited talent.

I should probably go eat something for dinner now.

Trapped inside.

Trapped inside.

It may have taken me all morning, and the results may be complete and total shite, but I finally used something other than Picasa to process photos. The foggy and overcast conditions (and total lack of skill) simply called for more power and flexibility. And even though I have Raw Therapee and GIMP, I have never warmed to those programs.

Yet, unwilling to pay for Lightroom—because, let’s face it, how embarrassing is it to pay for software and not really know how to use it to full advantage?—I was left with few options.

And then, lo and behold, Zoner Software was offering its deprecated version of Zoner Studio for free! I’d never heard of it before, but ok, it was free! And it has masks! Do you know how long I’ve wished that Picasa had masks? Or the ability to work on certain parts of an image like Snapseed? A really long time. Do you hear that google?

So strap on your safety belts, folks, ‘cause its going to get a little wild here with backgrounds and foregrounds doing things that they probably shouldn’t be doing. I’m like a kid in a candy store; with no taste.

Getting all my suit pants taken in; now would not be the time to gain weight.

Um, well this was fresh caught wild salmon and lentils courtesy of Mark Bittman.  

I suppose I would say it was frickin’ awesome.

Um, well this was fresh caught wild salmon and lentils courtesy of Mark Bittman.

I suppose I would say it was frickin’ awesome.